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Levulan is one of a new line of cutting edge, "photodynamic" treatments for the face.  This means that a special light activates the treatment.  Levulan is particularly good for pre-skin cancers and acne.

In either case, fist we bathe your face with the Levulan.  It comfortably sits on your face for one hour.  When it comes to sun damage it targets those rough, dry patches that are obvious and may be pre-cancerous.   But it goes after the sun damage you can't see too.  Levulan literally changes the molecular make-up of the sun damaged skin, so that the light we expose it to literally breaks up any precancerous cells.  The ideal patient is someone with 10 or more pre-cancers on the face.  It's a lot like putting down weed killer in a garden.  The bad "stuff" stops growing, and that makes room for all kind of healthy new growth, improving skin texture too.

The treatment is usually done two times spaced a few months apart.  (This treatment is often covered by insurance for the treatment of actinic keratosis, or pre-skin cancers.)

Levulan is also great for acne, because it really goes after those sebaceous (oil producing) glands.  This is a treatment for our most stubborn acne patients, particularly those who have tried antibiotics or don't want to go on Accutane (Isotretinoin).  We often combine it with Isolaze for a "one - two" punch.   Levulan improves the early scarring seen with some acne, and can lead to a dramatic improvement in acne prone skin.  Often, after this intense treatment, topical medications work in a way they were not able to before, and the skin remains acne free.

The Levulan treatment for acne is usually not covered by insurance.

Please schedule a consultation to see if Levulan is right for you.

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